Atoll Detail

Huvadhoo Atoll, esteemed as one of the world’s largest coral atolls, is renowned for its exceptional beauty. On February 8, 1964, this remarkable region was administratively divided into two distinct entities. Operating under the designation of GA Atoll, this atoll proudly showcases its distinctive natural splendor. Comprising nine inhabited islands and 71 uninhabited ones, arranged akin to a verdant pearl necklace, it stands as an epitome of uniqueness within the country. Home to over 15,000 residents, the atoll engages in a variety of economic activities, with fisheries being particularly prominent. It is recognized as one of the most prosperous regions in the Maldives in terms of fisheries. The ruling island Villingili played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the industry by constructing large fishing boats with accommodations while utilizing third-generation fishing vessels. Kooddoo Fisheries Maldives stands as the most significant industrial hub in the atoll. Although there is no international trading port within Huvadhoo, statistics show that Kooddoo is the largest export port in the Maldives.

This atoll is also a significant tourist attraction, with six resorts and one city hotel currently in operation. Additionally, 17 islands have been designated for tourism development. The guesthouse business is rapidly expanding throughout the atoll. Furthermore, plans are underway to develop 17 islands into resorts, alongside the proposed international airport project in Ekefaru, connected to Villingili. Residents of the atoll aspire for it to become a thriving southern economic hub in the near future.

Efforts are underway to elevate the GA. atoll into an academically advanced, civilized, and economically empowered community with a fully developed society. It is noteworthy that a range of activities, including fisheries, agriculture, retail businesses, employment opportunities, and other endeavors, are actively pursued in the atoll. Furthermore, embroidery work, toddy tapping, blacksmithing, goldsmithing, silversmithing, and construction activities are extensively conducted, contributing to the economic and cultural vibrancy of the region.

In terms of education, opportunities for higher education, in addition to O-level and A-level, have been made available within the atoll. Besides the atoll hospital established in Villingili, health centers have been set up on every island to ensure easy access to medical care and medicines.

Atoll is home to a large number of educated individuals, many of whom have excelled in various fields. The atoll offers significant economic opportunities and provides a welcoming environment for residents. It invites all citizens to enjoy its beautiful islands, blue lagoons, and sandy beaches, which boast a unique ecological character. This is our proud Huvadhoo Atoll, or GA. Atoll.