GA. Dhaandhoo is the second most populous island in the atoll. This island has one of the most prominent fishing industry in the atoll. The institutions established in the island include Secretariat of the North Huvadhu Atoll Dhaandhoo Council Office, Magistrate’s Court, FENAKA Office, Dhaandhoo School, Dhaandhoo Ice Plant, Youth Centre, Dhaandhoo Preschool and Dhaandhoo Police Station. Dhaandhoo is also an island with ATM services of the Bank of Maldives. At 750 meters long and 290 meters wide, Dhaandhoo is located 394 km from the capital, Male’ City. It is geographically located at 0.621445 degrees north and 73.461478 degrees east. The main occupation of the people of this island is fishing. Dhaandhoo also produced outstanding citizens in the field of education. The island is home to various artists and is also remarkable for its hospitality to visiting guests.