GA. Dhevvadhoo is the only island in the middle of the atoll. Dhevvadhoo covers an area of 19.7 hectares. This island is also a notable for fishing. In addition, Dhevvadhoo is also a historically remarkable island where the owners of the top construction companies in the country belongs to the island. The king of Dhevvadhoo who rules Maldives was born in Dhevvadhoo. Dhevvadhoo has archaeological sites. The institutions in the island include Secretariat of the North Huvadhu Atoll Dhevvadhoo Council Office, Dhevvadhoo Magistrate’s Court, Dhevvadhoo Ice Plant, Dhevvadhoo Health Center and FENAKA Office. The main occupation of the people of this island is fishing. Dhevvadhoo have kind people ad have produced many educated citizens.