GA. Gemanafushi is one of the leading islands in the fishing industry. The island covers an area of 51.16 hectares. Sectors established in the island include health centre, magistrate court, council office, Gemanafushi School, ice plant, FENAKA office and police station. Gemanafushi is a producer of dried seafood and other fish products. The island has picnic areas and beaches for the comfort of the residents and guests. There is no archaeological building in this island. The main occupations of the people of this island are fishing and agriculture. This island is home to the most remarkable people in the atoll and is making the fastest and greatest progress in the race of development. The people of this island are also development lovers. Many educated citizens have been born in this island. Naturally unique features of this island is that there are many small uninhabited island formed in the lagoon of the island to the south of the inhabited Kanduhulhudhoo. Due to this many people are visiting this island to see it.