Key Sectors


This atoll is one of the most prolific fishing atoll in the Maldives. The most prominent fishing islands are Vilingili, Kolamaafushi, Dhaandhoo, Dhevvadhoo and Gemanafushi. Instead of MIFCO’s 3rd generation fishing boats, Mr. Mohamed Zaeem, Narugisvilla, GA. Vilingili have revolutionized the fishing industry by building fishing vessels with accommodation at the front of the vessel. Koodoo Fisheries Maldives is the most important industrial island in the atoll. Although there is no international trade port in the atoll, statistics show that Koodoo is the largest exporter in the Maldives.



The atoll is also popular for tourism. By the end of 2023, there are 6 resorts and 1 city hotel in the atoll. 17 uninhabited islands have been allocated for tourism development. The guest house business is expanding day by day In the near future. The MOU has been signed for the development of 17 resorts with an international airport in Ekefaru.



The atoll is also engaged in agriculture. Every island in the atoll grows vegetables and fruits in the fields. The extensive agricultural island in the atoll are:

– GA. Nilandhoo

– GA. Gemanafushi