GA. Kolamaafushi is located in the northwest of the atoll. The area of Kolamaafushi is 20.03 acres. The GA. Atoll School is also established in Kolamaafushi. The institutions established in the island include the GA. Atoll School, Secretariat of the Kolamaafushi Council Office, Kolamaafushi Court, Health Centre, FENAKA Kolamaafushi Branch and RDC Kolamaafushi Site, Ice Plant and Police Station. There is an ATM in the island for banking transactions. The island is home to a large number of artists in various fields. The main occupation of the islanders is fishing. The island has achieved many advances in architecture and is renowned for its hospitality. Many of the educated children of this island have migrated to Male’ City but the works being done for the development of the island are always on going in the island.