GA. Kondey is the least populated island in the large atoll but it is famous for its agriculture and guesthouse business. The area of Kondey is 118 hectares. The institutions established in the island include the Secretariat of the North Huvadhu Atoll Kondey Council Office, Magistrate’s Court, FENAKA Office and Health Centre. The main occupation of the people of this island is agriculture. The people of Kondey are very friendly and development loving. The date of people settlement in Kondey is unknown, but in September 1970 the islanders were relocated to Dhaandhoo. However, the islanders returned to Kondey for the second time in April 1975.

The people of Kondey have produced many workers in various fields. Also, the carpenters of Kondey participated in the construction of the Friday Mosque, located in Capital city, Male’, which is unique in the history of the Maldives.