GA. Nilandhoo is an extensive agricultural island. Nilandhoo is famous for number one agricultural island in the atoll. An agro center has been established in the island. The institutions established in the island include the Secretariat of the North Huvadhu Atoll Nilandhoo Council Office, Health Centre, Nilandhoo School, FENAKA Office, Police Station, Agro Centre, Youth Center and Nilandhoo Magistrate’s Court.

Nilandhoo is an island where some archaeological finds have been found. Thus, parts of the idols have been found in the “Kudahavittha” called “Galehuniya” in Nilandhoo. The area of Niland is 56.7 hectares. The distance between the island and Male’ city is 475 nautical miles. The main occupation of the people of this island is agriculture. This island also has many educated citizens and also workers in various fields. The island has a remarkable hospitality to guests.