GA. Vilingili is the capital of the atoll. In addition to the Secretariat of the North Huvadhu Atoll Council Office, all the institutions established by the government to provide services at the Atoll level are located in Vilingili. The area of Vilingili is 96 hectares. Ekefaru, which has 12 nautical miles is connected to Villingili and is one of the most famous coral reef in the Maldives. The MOU has been signed for the development of 17 resorts with an international airport in Ekefaru. Among the institutions established in Villingili include:

1- Secretariat of the North Huvadhu Atoll Council
2- Secretariat of the North Huvadhu Atoll Vilingili Council
3- GA. Atoll Hospital
4- GA. Judicial Constituency Villingili Magistrate Court
5- GA. Atoll Education Centre
6- GA. Vilingili Police Station
7- GA. Atoll State House
9- RDC Office
10- Post Office
11- MIRA Collection Center – GA. Vilingili
12- Business Corporation Center – GA. Vilingili
13- Labor Relations Authority – GA. Vilingili
14- Prosecutor General Office – GA. Vilingili
15- STO – GA. Vilingili
16- Maldives Customs – GA. Vilingili
17- Gender, Family & Children Service Center – GA. Vilingili
18- Polytechnic – GA. Vilingili
19- Dhagena “Drugs Rehabilitation Center”
20- Bank of Maldives Vilingili Branch
21- Maldives Islamic Bank ATM
22- MI College – Vilingili Branch
23- Villa College – Vilingili Branch
24- GA. Vilingili Youth Center
25- Keerithi Quranaa Behey Marukaz – GA. Vilingili Branch

There is extensive construction works and fishing in Villingili. Instead of MIFCO’s 3rd generation fishing boats, Mr. Mohamed Zaeem, Narugisvilla, GA. Vilingili have revolutionized the fishing industry by building fishing vessels with accommodation at the front of the vessel. Mr. Mohammed Zaeem is a proud Vilingili Citizen. In recognition of his services to the fisheries sector, he was awarded the Public Service Encouragement Award by the state. The island has produced many educated people and is also renowned for its workmanship and great hospitality. There are many workers in various fields. Also, the most heavy vehicles are easily available in the island and the most architecturally advanced island is Vilingili. The first phase of the water and sewerage system and modernization of the roads in Vilingili has been completed and the second phase is underway. There are well developed picnic areas and beaches in the island to comfort the residents and guests.